Gulick Group has developed a new program called Gulick | One in response to increasing interest from home buyers seeking a truly tailored home design/build experience.  Gulick | One is a processed based approach to creating personalized homes on individual lots.  This new program has been designed to appeal to buyers who want distinctive plans, features, and finishes outside a typical new home community, but also don’t have time in their daily lives to undertake a 2-3 year custom home endeavor.
Gulick | One… One Client. One Vision. One Home.


A Process Based Approach

Historically, discerning buyers wanting personalization engaged an architect to design their home and a traditional custom home builder to construct it, a process which required an inordinate amount of time, focus, and management from the home buyer.  With Gulick | One, we’ve applied our 30 years of process experience to delivering a personalized home on time and at a reasonable cost… with a great deal less time and effort required from the buyer.
Most production builders offer a limited number of choices and with custom builders your home evolves over months or even years of changes and add-ons creating cost inefficiencies and long build times. Gulick | One is designed to assist you in tailoring your home to personal needs, with all of planning done prior to construction, so that we can build accurately and efficiently as you envisioned it… but in a much shorter period of time.


A Mature Portfolio

Because of the perceived complexity and cost inefficiency of design-from-scratch, custom homes, we’ve begun to see fewer such homes in the marketplace, and increased interest in our “build on your lot” portfolio plans.  They can easily be modified it to suit your needs, alleviating the inconvenience and time expenditure of building a custom prototype.  Each plan from our portfolio has been thoughtfully designed and refined over multiple builds.
Through Gulick | One, we work closely with portfolio clients to understand their needs and offer significant opportunity to personalize our evolving library of home plans. Rooms can be added, foundation walls moved, and ceilings raised.  Every portfolio home is unique, and we often design elevations to a client’s specification in a wide range of styles and materials.  We have developed a photo vocabulary of changes we’ve made to each plan, which helps our clients to envision the home they will build and feel more confident in their home purchase decision. Unlike a true custom home, where a buyer relies on 3D renderings and plans to understand the most significant asset most will ever own, a Gulick | One portfolio client can actually visit a home that is similar to the one they are considering, and then focus on the specific changes they require… thereby eliminating the risk of building a prototype and “hoping for the best”.


Gulick | One Builds Unique Homes Better

We’ve often heard custom home buyers complain of being overwhelmed, due to the myriad decisions to be made when designing and specifying a home.  Often buyers find it difficult to coordinate the process and the decision making.
If you want a one-of-a-kind-home, Gulick | One applies the same discipline and rigor to supervising the custom build process that has helped us successfully build portfolio homes for over 30 years.  We prefer to be involved at the design stage and to help you value engineer the plan; but even if your plan is complete, we can help you reduce the complexity of your project and turn your drawings into a completed home through effective management.  Call us and save yourself the headache.


Gulick Quality

A Gulick home is more than four walls and a roof. It is the culmination of a design concept, the product of dozens of craftsmen guided by a detailed supervisory process, and a composition of hundreds of quality materials. While the shapes, sizes and materials might vary from one house to another, Gulick Group takes care to build low-maintenance houses that will last a lifetime.
In 30 years, Gulick Group has built more than 800 exemplary houses: far more than most traditional custom builders.  We have built and maintained relationships with the best contractors… often the same ones used by boutique custom builders.  We are always focused on the quality and will never cut corners.


The Finishing Touches

Using our time honed selections process, our purchasers can choose from the seemingly infinite finishes available from our suppliers.  Many builders lack the resources to provide adequate support, but Gulick | One offers an experienced team to help you through the personalization process, and, if you need additional support, interior designers are available at an hourly rate to assist you.


Finding a Homesite

The proper location of your new home is paramount to your living experience. Gulick | One will help evaluate your lot requirements and the criterion which must be considered to help you choose your perfect lot.  Often, we are aware of available homesites in the desirable close-in suburbs, in some cases before they hit the general market, and can help you find the one for you.  We can also assist you through the study on a lot purchase, taking some of the confusion out at that critical decision period.
If you have your own lot and are searching for a builder, Gulick | One will build one of our award-winning designs or your custom design, precisely tailored to your needs.
Ready to replace your older home? Gulick | One will replace it with a new one, more exciting and current, which will stand the test of time.