Designing a New Portfolio Home

For Gulick Group, developing a new portfolio home design usually starts with what Peter Gulick calls the “seed of an idea.” It’s something that inspires a creative impulse… it could be a feature of a piece of land, a vision for a community, a particular home style, or a combination of finishes. Our Park Grove […]

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Navigating a New Home Build – Part 2: Financing

  |  July 28, 2021

Financing a new home differs from financing an existing home in several ways that can affect your planning. It’s important to find out how much financing you can qualify for before investing in any plans and drawings. Talk with your preferred lender for a realistic borrowing, and building, budget. There are two basic types of […]

Tile Tips

  |  July 14, 2021

There are more tile choices than ever, from bold patterned concrete to rainbows of porcelain and glass, or natural stone in myriad finishes, shapes, and sizes. Decorative impact is a major driver for many homeowners, of course, but there are other things to factor in when selecting your tile: function, installation, and safety/comfort. Below are […]

Stormwater Management

  |  July 02, 2021

When land is undisturbed, rain and snow melt and flow into waterways, are filtered by earth or absorbed by vegetation. Any time you add roads and buildings, which have impermeable surfaces, to an area of undeveloped land, it reduces natural absorption in the areas they are built and can increase the speed at which water […]

Navigating a New Home Build – Part 1

  |  June 15, 2021

Having a home built or buying in a new home community is very different from buying an existing home. To help buyers understand the process and what to expect along the way, beginning this month, we are starting a series of articles called “Navigating a New Home Build”. This month’s focus is on choosing where […]

Smart Prep for Smart Home Features

  |  May 25, 2021

Not long ago, Gulick Group offered home security systems as a standard feature. Today, with a plethora of smart security options, and burgeoning demand for smart technology throughout the home, a robust network is foundational to the way families live. That’s why we’ve made excellent network coverage our new standard feature. Today, families are using […]

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