2022 Colors of the Year

“We need a moment of peace!” That seems to be the consensus among many color experts and other trend prognosticators, who have almost universally chosen nature-inspired hues for 2022 that are soft, warm, often green, and intended to provide a relaxing, comfortable, Zen ambience. Below are the picks to date: AkzoNobel (a paint and coatings […]

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Navigating a New Home Build – Walkthrough and Settlement

  |  December 20, 2021

With the build complete, there are two important processes to complete before moving in: a final walkthrough with your builder and settlement. The final walkthrough provides two opportunities for buyers: a tour and visual inspection to identify any cosmetic issues in the home, and a chance to familiarize themselves with their new home and review […]

Navigating a New Home Build – Building Your Home

  |    |  November 28, 2021

Your house plans are final; selections are made; materials, systems, and appliances are on order; you have a permit and crews are scheduled. This is the most exciting stage for many home buyers, as their home moves from plan to reality. Building Roles It’s helpful to understand who’s responsible for different aspects of the build, […]

2021 Recap

  |  November 10, 2021

From a housing perspective, we continued to live in interesting times throughout 2021. In spite of (and in part due to) the pandemic, home sales were strong throughout the year. There was a normal seasonal slowdown in fall, but activity quickly resumed. Supply issues also continued throughout the year, and in many cases worsened later […]

Navigating a New Home Build – Finish Selections

  |  October 21, 2021

For most homebuyers, the selections process is an exciting opportunity to infuse their personal style into their homes. Having a range of choices for finishes, trim, fixtures, and appliances affords a distinctive look and allows a homebuyer to make changes that suit their family. However, too many choices can create challenges that result in frustration […]

Exterior Color Palettes and Beautiful Communities

  |  October 15, 2021

The best builders are artists of a sort, making communities “pop” by carefully considering the relationship of the homes to their homesites, the neighboring homes, and the site theme. Choosing effective hardscaping and landscaping help make a community feel varied yet cohesive in its visual impact. Exterior color palettes can play a surprisingly large role […]

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