This home has a relatively flat yard, so you can look out into your back yard from the main level.

Walk-Out Vs. Walk-Up Basements

Peoples’ preference for walk-out basements appears to be changing. Basement access is largely constrained by the slope of the lot – or the owner’s appetite for costly grading and retaining walls. Homes are typically sited so the slope falls to one side or the back of the lot, ensuring water flows away from rather than […]

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Spring into Summer Creek – July

  |  July 02, 2020

Join us for our “Spring into Summer Creek” incentive! During the remaining months of Spring/Summer (or until we are sold out), we will be offering a special incentive on one home each month at Summer Creek, which we have aptly dubbed the “Home of the Month”. Please contact us or call Todd Shea at 703.674.0350 […]

Interior Paint

  |  June 24, 2020

The endless spectrum of colors is only one of the considerations in choosing interior paint. There are many types of paint varying in quality, sheen and for use in special applications. While an inferior product or color mishap can detract from a beautiful space or even destroy the visual harmony of a home, a paint […]

LIFE | STYLE June 2020

  |  June 11, 2020

Summer is just around the corner. The real estate market appears to be heating up, too; traffic (by appointment) is way up in our model homes, and we are hopeful that June will bring good news on many fronts. With COVID restrictions easing, people seem relieved to get out of their current homes and motivated […]

“Outside the Box” Additions

  |  June 07, 2020

At one time, tract homes were all simple boxes while higher-end homes had more complicated structures, with curves, angles and unique spaces. Even today, an addition that doesn’t run the full width of a home, but instead “adds a box” can create a sense of grandeur, evincing the character of well-established older homes that have […]

Finishes for Contemporary Homes With Timeless Appeal

  |  June 04, 2020

In decades past, contemporary home designs avoided any unnecessary ornamentation. This made for clean, bold exteriors, often in wood or metal, that played up lines, angles, and volume— but which could also seem stark. A focus on clean, spare design might eliminate baseboards on interior walls, and feature windows and doors with no or minimal […]

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