This home has a relatively flat yard, so you can look out into your back yard from the main level.

Walk-Out Vs. Walk-Up Basements

  |  July 02, 2020

Peoples’ preference for walk-out basements appears to be changing. Basement access is largely constrained by the slope of the lot – or the owner’s appetite for costly grading and retaining walls. Homes are typically sited so the slope falls to one side or the back of the lot, ensuring water flows away from rather than […]

Believe it or not, this is a paint finish.

Interior Paint

  |  June 24, 2020

The endless spectrum of colors is only one of the considerations in choosing interior paint. There are many types of paint varying in quality, sheen and for use in special applications. While an inferior product or color mishap can detract from a beautiful space or even destroy the visual harmony of a home, a paint […]

“Outside the Box” Additions

  |  June 07, 2020

At one time, tract homes were all simple boxes while higher-end homes had more complicated structures, with curves, angles and unique spaces. Even today, an addition that doesn’t run the full width of a home, but instead “adds a box” can create a sense of grandeur, evincing the character of well-established older homes that have […]

A custom front elevation on a Gulick | One semi-custom Grayson in Great Falls.

Finishes for Contemporary Homes With Timeless Appeal

  |  June 04, 2020

In decades past, contemporary home designs avoided any unnecessary ornamentation. This made for clean, bold exteriors, often in wood or metal, that played up lines, angles, and volume— but which could also seem stark. A focus on clean, spare design might eliminate baseboards on interior walls, and feature windows and doors with no or minimal […]

LIFE | STYLE May 2020

  |  May 02, 2020

We hope May finds you and your family well—and thriving despite Coronavirus restrictions. Since so many of us are at home, and with Spring in full (and early) flower, we’re sharing tips in this issue to get your home and property in prime shape for family enjoyment throughout Spring, Summer and Fall. Just a reminder […]

Big Ass Fans - Isis

Ceiling Fans

  |  April 27, 2020

Ceiling fans are a useful functional feature in many home spaces, helping circulate air in today’s increasingly airtight homes. They are helpful in making people feel cooler and more comfortable without lowering the air temperature for both indoor and outdoor living areas. In winter, they help move warm air that rises to the ceiling back […]

Tips for Spring Maintenance

  |  April 27, 2020

Early Spring is a great time to focus on home and yard maintenance to protect your investment and help your family get the most from outdoor living space now through fall. Further (and we may be biased??), we find getting the home chores finished is fulfilling, provides a sense of accomplishment, and helps us feel […]

Hardscaping Considerations

  |  March 27, 2020

Hardscaping includes structural and decorative elements of your outdoor spaces that aren’t living—from walls and planters, to pavers, drives, walks and firepits. Judicious use of hardscaping can have tremendous positive impact on the function and aesthetics of your exterior spaces—making your home look great at a reasonable price. On the flip side, elaborate hardscaping (such […]

A View Out

Five Questions to Ask Your Prospective Builder

  |  March 24, 2020

You have done your due diligence, verified the builder’s reputation and perused owner reviews; what else should you explore before you contract with a builder? Along with any neighborhood or community-related questions, it’s smart to ask your builder a few key questions: In Addition to Asking the Right Questions: Pay Attention to What’s Not Said […]

A marketing blueprint for Gulick | One.

Practical Considerations for Personalizing Your New Home

  |  February 24, 2020

Imagine that you’ve toured several new home models and found one that is perfect… with just a few tweaks. It can be frustrating to be quoted a price that’s higher than expected for what you perceive as a simple modification, or, worse, be told “no”. Unfortunately, what may appear to be a small change to […]