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UPDATE: A Message Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  |  March 31, 2020

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and well. Like so many companies across the country, Gulick Group is carefully monitoring developments with the coronavirus (COVID-19) with a focus on the wellness of our customers, guests, employees, and contractors as Virginia moves through the stages of its recovery plan. We have […]

Stunning from the Street, Your Portfolio Home

  |  October 13, 2020

Some prospective homeowners are concerned that a portfolio home will look just like every other home built from the same portfolio design. In fact, the same essential design can look dramatically different and evoke different styles by varying the exterior color, finishes, and easily- modified design features. For example, it’s relatively simple to use a […]

Parkline 60 Island

Kitchen Islands

  |  October 01, 2020

Kitchens are the heart of the home. From cooking and entertaining, to family meals and homework, the kitchen is where everyone gathers. The two most prominent design statements in the Kitchen are the appliances and the island. For many years, islands came in shapes, sometimes with multiple tiers and even table attachments. Today’s islands are […]


  |  September 10, 2020

Whether you’re building  or buying a new home or considering heating upgrades, there are three primary factors:  your energy source, how heat is generated/distributed, and how well your home retains heat. A healthy home environment requires circulation of fresh air—so maintaining a comfortable temperature is a balancing act between conserving energy and avoiding drafts and […]

Kitchen Desk

Multi-use Living Areas

  |  September 02, 2020

Over the past few months, work, school, and recreation have shifted back to our homes, reminding us just how varied our needs and activities are. Thinking through the many functions your home supports is a smart way to approach planning and outfitting multi-use living areas—whether you’re buying a new home, remodeling, refurnishing, or adjusting to […]

LIFE | STYLE August 2020

  |  August 18, 2020

Summer is almost over, kids will be “heading back” to school next month… and it looks like most schools are doing only distance learning for the time being. COVID seems to be changing the way people think about and use their homes, and combined with historically low interest rates, that has made for a very […]

Basement Space ROI

  |  July 30, 2020

With a little forethought, your basement space can fit your family’s needs for the long term, while eliminating clutter and wear and tear in your main level living areas. There are several schools of thought when it comes to making optimal use of basement space. Some homeowners prefer their basement wide open… while others envision […]

Planning for Aging in Place

  |  July 28, 2020

When building a new home, planning for potential accessibility needs and aging-in-place can save you from an untimely move later. There are many simple and cost-effective strategies to help a home provide added safety and access when needed. Some homeowners weigh the value of a first-floor bedroom against the benefits of keeping all bedrooms upstairs […]

Winthrop Living Room

LIFE | STYLE July 2020

  |  July 07, 2020

We hope this newsletter finds you well and somewhere cool. Virginia humidity is never gentle, so make sure you have your air condition maintained, stay indoors and stay hydrated. Hopefully, you are enjoying some time off or a family vacation! Things are busy at Gulick Group, as we plan to launch sales at Willow Hill […]

This home has a relatively flat yard, so you can look out into your back yard from the main level.

Walk-Out Vs. Walk-Up Basements

  |  July 02, 2020

Peoples’ preference for walk-out basements appears to be changing. Basement access is largely constrained by the slope of the lot – or the owner’s appetite for costly grading and retaining walls. Homes are typically sited so the slope falls to one side or the back of the lot, ensuring water flows away from rather than […]

Spring into Summer Creek – July

  |  July 02, 2020

Join us for our “Spring into Summer Creek” incentive! During the remaining months of Spring/Summer (or until we are sold out), we will be offering a special incentive on one home each month at Summer Creek, which we have aptly dubbed the “Home of the Month”. Please contact us or call Todd Shea at 703.674.0350 […]