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UPDATE: A Message Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  |  March 31, 2020

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and well. Like so many companies across the country, Gulick Group is carefully monitoring developments with the coronavirus (COVID-19) with a focus on the wellness of our customers, guests, employees, and contractors as Virginia moves through the stages of its recovery plan. We have […]

Low and Dry: Basement Waterproofing

  |  August 25, 2022

Even in an empty basement, water can damage structural integrity and any systems located there. In a finished basement or one used for storage, finishes and property can be destroyed by water damage or mold from sustained humidity. It takes a well-executed, multi-tiered approach, based on sound building science, to keep water out of below-ground […]


  |  August 07, 2022

Functional yet attractive storage is a perennially favorite home amenity. That’s why, with few exceptions, built-ins are a value-added home feature. The Pros: They are a great way to control clutter, keep less attractive items at hand but out of sight, and showcase art, collectibles, or mementos. They can make good use of awkward space, […]

Patio Doors

  |  July 28, 2022

Today’s access options for patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces are a far cry from the dysfunctional sliders of years past. There are many styles that are well constructed, easy to operate, more secure, weather tight, and offer features like double or triple insulated glass panes for energy efficiency. From a functional perspective, there are […]

Staying Cool Efficiently

  |  July 14, 2022

It’s not unusual to have 40 or more days of 90°+ weather annually in the DC area. With rising electric rates, choosing an efficient central air conditioning (AC) system is a priority if you’re replacing an old system or choosing one for a new home. There are three key measures for central AC: BTU, or […]

Sticky Business: Controlling Humidity

  |    |  June 30, 2022

Many people understand indoor climate control means heating and cooling your home. But humidity is an important factor that can affect comfort, health, and even a home’s structural integrity. In the DC area, summer humidity is all too familiar. At warmer temperatures, humidity prevents sweat from evaporating, making the temperature feel even hotter, and increasing […]

Creating Sophisitcated Sanctuary

  |    |  June 15, 2022

Photo by Signature Designs Kitchen | Bath | Interiors – Look for kitchen pictures While most of us of are far less home-bound than over the past two years, home retains a powerful role in providing respite and serving as a peaceful retreat. This is reflected in current interior styles, as homeowners continue to embrace […]

Fencing Part Two: Choosing Materials

  |  May 23, 2022

Choosing fencing material is usually a balancing act across function, appearance, maintenance requirements, and affordability. Depending on style preferences, some homeowners mix materials, pairing metal, stone, or brick posts with wood panels, for example. Below are some considerations for common fencing materials. Wood: Wood is biodegradable (if untreated) and relatively inexpensive but, depending on the […]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Allergy Season

  |  May 12, 2022

Northern Virginia’s allergy season is in full swing. While pollen from trees and shrubs is beginning to ease, grass pollen is rising and will continue to plague us through fall. Meanwhile, our warm, muggy weather fosters the growth of molds and other fungus. Any family affected by seasonal allergies or asthma understands all too well […]

Navigating a New Home Build – Enjoy Your New Home

  |  April 20, 2022

A Year of Living Thoughtfully You’re finally moved in and ready to make the house your own with décor and personal touches. While you want to tackle some projects while they’re top of mind and you have the momentum, in some cases it’s smart to get to know your house, see how it “lives” for […]

Fencing Part One: Planning and Function

  |  April 05, 2022

Fences can serve a lot of practical purposes, while complementing your home and landscaping. Here are some key considerations for picking the right fencing for your needs. Practical Planning Before you consider style, placement, and height, check out county or city zoning requirements. If your lot is on a corner, there may be greater restrictions […]