Coffee Bar, Home Pub, Tasting Room

August 06, 2019 (Reston, Virginia)

Coffee Bar

Coffee Bars, home pubs, and tasting rooms… small, specialized home bars are trending. An expansive walk-behind bar, whether in the rec room or off the pool, remains a desirable amenity—but it’s not practical for every home or experience. Homeowners are increasingly adding smaller, specialized bars in dining rooms, family rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms.

These beverage areas can be as focused and self-contained as a cocktail cabinet, or a space that includes a range of supplies and equipment. The increasing popularity of home brews and craft beer is inspiring brew spaces that accommodate a specialized refrigerator, a variety of growlers, or beer dispensers attached to draft systems. Some owners like to include a beverage display cooler, and wine lovers often combine a small cellar space or wine wall with a seating area.

If you’re thinking of adding a home brew space or other small bar, consider how you’ll use the bar to decide which living areas it should connect with. For some owners, a small bar is primarily a way to enjoy the daily luxury of a good glass of wine or a favorite craft beer. For others, it’s an important entertaining addition. Beyond a convenient location, a beverage space should include:

  • Elbow room and counter space to pour and serve safely and easily—plus enough space to accommodate family or guests who want to help or observe the action
  • The electrical outlets and plumbing needed for your chosen equipment, be it refrigeration and beverage dispensers, ice makers, a blender, and/or specialized gadgets
  • Space for barware, glasses, napkins, and other serving equipment.

With a little planning, a home brew space or other beverage area can add fun and simplicity to your daily routine, and enhance your formal and informal entertaining. Cheers!

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