LIFE | STYLE: August 2018

August 31, 2018 (Reston, Virginia)

The end of summer is upon us, and we at Gulick Group are excited for some cooler weather and to get started with construction in our new Summer Creek community.

Maintenance reminders for the fall season: keep your gutters clear and recaulk your windows and doors to avoid water penetration issues that can develop in late fall or winter. Also, have a technician check and your furnaces and perform the yearly maintenance before it gets cold and their busy season starts.

Your New Home

Design your Home from the Inside Out

"Farmhouse" Front Elevation ©Hoachlander Davis Photography
“Farmhouse” Front Elevation ©Hoachlander Davis Photography

A home’s appearance, exterior style, and curb appeal are extremely important – so it may seem logical to design the exterior first as you plan your custom or semi-custom home… but that approach can constrain your floorplan and the function of your home, may result in a disconnect between interior and exterior style, and is not necessarily the most time or cost effective.

We recommend that our customers define their “program” (the rooms, must-have features, and room relationships), then generate an interior floorplan, and then design the exterior and interior details with elements that are the hallmarks of the style they prefer.

The same floorplan can be made to look completely different on the outside or to evoke a number of different styles by modifying the roof (pitch, roofing material, adding elements such as gables and dormers), adding or removing a porch portico or other entry feature, varying the window size, shape, style and placement, and choosing the right exterior materials and trim.

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The Difference is in the Details

Large Format Tile: Plan Early for Ideal Installation and Lasting Beauty

Large ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles (18” or larger on a side) are increasingly popular for baths, foyers, and kitchens. With fewer grout lines, they are dramatic and can visually enlarge a space.

Large format tile requires special handling because larger tiles are vulnerable to cracking if there is any flexing or torsion of the floor. Natural stone tiles (i.e. marble) are typically thicker as well; if the surrounding floors are hardwood or another thinner flooring material, your builder may have to build up to thicken the decking/underlayment to avoid awkward transitions.

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Large format tile in the dramatic Foyer in a Gulick | One custom home.
Large format tile in the dramatic Foyer in a Gulick | One custom home.

Featured Home

QUICK DELIVERY: Grayson at Fallsgate

Featuring over 6000 square feet of luxury living, a Professional Style Kitchen, an Award Winning Master Suite with Ribbon Fireplace, a 3-Car Garage, and a Custom Covered Deck with Fireplace for Indoor/Outdoor living, this home will impress. This home is available for Quick Delivery and represents the last opportunity to live in the conveniently located Fallsgate community.

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The Gourmet Kitchen in the Grayson on Fallsgate Homesite 4. Some optional features shown. The front elevation of the Grayson on Fallsgate Homesite 4. Some optional features shown. The open stair into the Family Room in the Grayson on Fallsgate Homesite 4. Some optional features shown. The inviting foyer of the Grayson on Fallsgate Homesite 4. Some optional features shown.

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