LIFE | STYLE: November 2018

November 27, 2018 (Reston, Virginia)

We hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday. It is hard to believe, as this year has flown by (at least for us), but 2018 is nearly over!

Maintenance Reminder: The local temperatures are dropping below freezing most nights and even during the colder days. Make sure to shut off your hose bibbs inside to prevent them from freezing. It is also a good time to adjust the baffles in the ductwork and have your furnace serviced to ensure peak effectiveness during the cold winter months. If your area commonly experiences power outages, it might be time to buy and hook up a generator, or do maintenance on the existing one and get it fueled, in case we see heavy snows this winter.

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© Hoachlander-Davis Photography. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.
© Hoachlander-Davis Photography. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.

In the past decade, gas fireplaces have far surpassed wood-burning models in terms of popularity. They eliminate the work of storing, carrying, and arranging wood, tending the fire, and cleaning up. They are less expensive to install (eliminating the need for an up-vent or masonry chimney) and arguably safer to use. There are a wide range of design options for gas fireplaces that would be impractical or impossible for wood-burners. Of course, for some homeowners, the authentic glow, sound, and smell of a wood fire are worth the investment and effort, particularly in outdoor living areas or a den or family room.

Currently, we are seeing the trend shift from the traditional rectangular fireplace to a “ribbon” or horizontal shaped fireplace. These fireplaces are typically 18 to 24 inches high and four to six, or even seven, feet wide. Horizontal fireplaces work well with transitional and modern interior styles and are particularly popular in contemporary farmhouses, complemented by a plain drywall surround or simple wood trim. For more transitional flair, use a large-format tile or ledger stone surround from floor to ceiling. If you are going for the most modern look, or for a dramatic statement, you can choose a full slab surround of quartz or granite, flush with the wall, or simple drywall, with no hearth or mantle.

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The Difference is in the Details


Lighting is an often overlooked—but highly impactful—design element. When designing their home, most people carefully select lighting fixtures as an element of their personal style. Equally as important as the fixture style are the placement, direction, intensity, and shape of light sources, as they all work together to set the mood in a room. Lighting can highlight or downplay an architectural feature or piece of art, and it dramatically changes colors in a space.

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